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Derma-X Effects

Picture below (left ) showed a 13 year old boy who sufered from psioratic plaques that had been spreading on his scalp for the 2 years. He had been attended by skin specialist but there was no improvement. The picture below (right) showed improvement on the boy’s scalp after using Derma-X for 2 months

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Penyembuhan Luka

Selepas rawatan
Jangkitan di atas tumit berlaku dengan tidak disedarinya.Lubang di tapak kaki telah hampir sepenuhnya tertutup dan sembuh.Jangkitan di atas tumit telah sembuh sepenuhnya.
Sebelum rawatan
Tapak kaki pesakit dijangkiti dan berlubang hingga ke bahagian atas kaki

Lubang di tapak kaki telah hampir sepenuhnya tertutup dan sembuh.
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Gamadulin™ Effects

Pharmacology of Gamapeptide (Gamodulin™)

 Extract Laboratory observations indicates that gamapeptide injection or ingestion though oral route produced various dose-dependent effects, including the promotion of cellular respiration (increase oxidative phosphorylation), induction of wound healing, suppression of pain, systemic anaphylactic reactions and suppression of fatigue.

i. Promotion of Wound Healing

The wound healing promotion was markedly stronger that of control guinea pigs with induced wounds. The recovery time was 3-fold faster than the contol group.

ii. Anti-Stress Effect

Ingestion of extract exhibited anti-anaphylactic effects when tested on systemically induced anaphylactic reactions. Guinea pigs sensitized with ovalbumin will undergo systemic anaphylactic reactions and died within 9 minutes following the challenge with and antigen. Pretreatment with Gamapeptide extract orally delayed the death for 47 minutes whilst comparatively, pretreatment with dexamethas one managed to delay time of death for only 21 minutes.

Toxicology (Acuter Toxicity Studies)

i. Lethal Oral Dose (ml/kl)

Infinity no animal (mouse) died when consume up to 100 ml/kl body weight.

ii. Teratogenicity

Daily ingestion at 10-100 mg/kg (therapeutic effect can be obtained at 3-10 mg/kg) body weight for 14 days on day 7 and 17 of pregnancy in female Wistar rats. This substance produced to influence on fetus delivered at term or pups ages 21 days or younger

iii. Anaphylaxis Test

Guniea pigs or sensitized guinea-pigs were administered orally with Gamapeptide Extract and observed for occurrences of systemic anaphylactic reactions. No anaphylactic reaction was observed follwing the ingestion.

iv. Histamine Test

(Pain and itch Pereption) Our studies both experimentally and clinically in patients with injuries suggest that products of “Gamat” possesses remarkable effect on suppression of pain and itch perception. When you are inflicted with pain associated with injuries, any of the product of healin Master, be it cream, gel, body, shampoo, nor facial foam, will surely relieve the pain and itch sensation.

Effects of Gamatpeptide (Gamodulin™) on Human Skin

Nothing even comes close to measuring up with Gamodulin™ when it comes to beauty enhancement. It helps your body to produce natural collagen to delay and reduce fine lines and improve complexing noticeably. No expensive collagen-based or anti-oxygen gels can compare. As mush as external application product claims to work beneath the skin, our observations show that only Gamat Oral preparation, truly rejuvenates the skin from within The numerous studies carried out after consumption of Gamat Oral preparations have provided evidence of;

i. Stimulating effect on cell renewal of the epidermis, thanks to the formation of new vessels and greater oxygen consumption, thus better cellular respiration.

ii. Greater suppleness caused by maintaining a satisfactory degree of moisture in the skin and good elasticity due to better quality of the supporting fibers.

More than just enhancing the superficial condition, gamat oral preparations consumption go beyond the skin-deep layer, literally to improve the overall state of the being.

i. Skins.

Whether consuming it orally or applying directly onto the skin surface, the main effect of Gamat Healin™ is on blood vessels and capillaries. This substance could increase the blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and capillaries in organs, tissue and on the skin surface. By doing this it helps to nourish the organs, tissue, cells and skins with nutrient and increase the supply of oxygen. Research has shown that nourishing the skin from the inside will help maintaining a regular skin structure and in the presence of gamapeptide it will rebuild damaged skin

ii. Cardiovascular System

Our research data have shown that following consumption of any Gamodulin™ based oral product for one hour, it exhibited a protective effect on cardiovascular system anaphylactic reaction.

It’s proven cardio tonic activity, that is increase the ability of heart to beat in addition to its vasodilator effect on coronary arteries may probably account for the observation that it could relieve chest pain in most patients. Thus, it is assumed that Gamat Healin oral preparations products may be of benefit in those affected by circulatory disorders like high blood pressure, short of breath (dyspnea) in chained smokers and the feeling of lethargy.

Cross section of laboratory’s mice blood vessel showed cholestrol blocking the vessel A few weeks after Gamodulin™ intakes the blood vessel is cleared


Blood Vessels before the usage of Gamadulin

iii. Healing of wounds and suppression of inflammation

Taking Gamodulin™ orally will increase the insulin release from the pancreas. Thus causes increased utilization of glucose and oxygen. These two effects are coupled and they result in a rise in the ATP-turnover and thus in a greater provision of energy in the cell. In deficient state with impairment of the normal function of the energy metabolism such as hypoxia (short of oxgen supply), and in states of increased energy requirement in reparation and regeneration, Healin Master oral preparation promotes the energy-dependent processes of the functional metabolism and the conservation metabolism. An increase in blood supply is seen as a secondary effect. The levels of insulin increase in a dose-dependent manner following the intake of oral preparation. This probably accounts for the reduction in blood glucose level and the stimulation in appetite especially in the early stage of consumption.

iv. Respiratory System

3 weeks after the intake of Gamalin Plus Orange™. X-Ray image shows the reappearance of blood vessels in the right lung.

Image of x-ray showing the degeneration of patient’s right lung.

A patient told his story on how Gamat Healin™ helps his lungs to recover from degenerating.




One day because of excruciating pain my back and difficulty in breathing, I went to the hospital only to find that my right lung had degenerated. The doctor probed from all angles, but could not locate the cause. I was discharged after 2 days in the hospital with just some antibiotics and routine steroid treatments. The pain plagued me daily thereafter and I could hardly sleep at night. I was depressed and campus life was uninteresting because of my inability to participate in laboratory work. After taking Gamalin Plus Orange™ plus for 3 weeks, my pain was gone and I could breathe much better. My face was smoother and rosy – much better than before Gamalin Plus Orange™ intake. Now I look forward to campus life and every day is a new challenge (see photos).

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Sejak turun temurun, penduduk Langkawi sudah gemar mengamalkan air gamat asli bagi tujuan menyembuhkan luka luaran dan dalaman, lebih-lebih lagi ibu-ibu yang baru bersalin.

Ujian menunjukkan ekstrak Gamat yang ditulenkan dan diberi minum pada takaran 10mg/kg berupaya menyembuhkan luka ringan dengan sepenuhnya dalam masa 6 hari berbanding 9 hari menggunakan iodin dan 11 hari jika tanpa sebarang rawatan.

Gambar di sebelah menunjukkan luka dalaman yang diakibatkan oleh gastrik ulser yang agak serius. Setelah mengamalkan produk gamat, luka tersebut hampir sembuh dalam tempoh kurang daripada 2 minggu.

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Penyembuhan luka ibu dan bayi

Kajian menunjukkan kewujudan sekumpulan peprida kompleks gamalin dalam ekstrak gamat yang berupaya merangsang pertumbuhan sel ini dapat dilihat terutamanya pada sel/tisu yang cedera dan sedang dalam tumbesaran. Ekstrak Gamat amat digalakkan pada ibu-ibu hamil & selepas melahirkan anak. Ia merangsang pertumbuhan otot, sel saraf dan meningkatkan daya ketahanan bayi dalam janin ataupun yang sedang membesar. Hasilnya bayi lebih sihat dan kulitnya lebih cantik. Kesan rangsangan sel-sel ini juga membantu menyubur dan mempercepatkan penyembuhan luka luar & dalam sistem peranakan si ibu Pada usia 2 bulan, kanak-kanak ini sakit tenat akibat komplikasi paru-paru,jantung dan salur darah. Dengan bantuan GAMOGEN, dia pulih dan cergas,dan kini sudah menjangkau usia 4 tahun!