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Camomile tea ‘fights cancer’: Chemical contained in drink takes away ‘superpowers’ in disease’s cells

A cup of camomile tea could help ward off cancer, researchers say.

The tea contains a chemical, apigenin, which takes away some of the ‘superpowers’ of cancer cells.

Scientists at Ohio State University found apigenin can block the ability of breast cancer cells to live far longer than normal cells, halting their spread and making them more sensitive to drug therapy.

Camomile tea, parsley and celery are the most abundant sources of apigenin but it is also found in many fruit and vegetables common in a Mediterranean diet.

The chemical, which has also been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, works in a way that suggests other nutrients could have similar effects in warding off cancer.

It helps proteins correct the abnormalities in RNA – molecules carrying genetic information – that are responsible for about 80 per cent of cancers.

Molecular geneticist Professor Andrea Doseff, of Ohio State University, said: ‘We know we need to eat healthfully, but in most cases we do not know the actual mechanistic reasons for why we need to do that.’We see here the beneficial effect on health is attributed to this dietary nutrient affecting many proteins.

‘In its relationship with a set of specific proteins, apigenin re-establishes the normal profile in cancer cells. We think this can have great value clinically as a potential cancer-prevention strategy.’
Cancer cells thrive by inhibiting a process that would cause them to die on a regular cycle subject to strict programming. The researchers found apigenin could stop breast cancer cells from inhibiting their own death.

Much of what is known about the health benefits of nutrients is based on epidemiological studies that show strong positive relationships between eating specific foods and better health outcomes, especially reduced heart disease.
But how the actual molecules within these healthy foods work in the body is still a mystery in many cases, and especially with those linked to lower risk for cancer.

The researchers also showed apigenin binds with an estimated 160 proteins in the human body, suggesting other nutrients linked to health benefits called ‘nutraceuticals’ might have similar far reaching effects. In contrast, most pharmaceutical drugs target a single molecule.

The researchers, whose findings are published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, likened their technique to ‘fishing’ for the human proteins in cells that interact with small molecules available in the diet.
Prof Doseff said: ‘You can imagine all the potentially affected proteins as tiny fishes in a big bowl.
‘We introduce this molecule to the bowl and effectively lure only the truly affected proteins based on structural characteristics that form an attraction.

‘We know this is a real partnership because we can see that the proteins and apigenin bind to each other.’
Experiments established apigenin had relationships with proteins that have three specific functions. Among the most important was one known as hnRNPA2 which influences tiny bits of DNA called mRNA containing the instructions needed to produce a specific protein.
Abnormalities in these are responsible for about 80 percent of all cancers.
The researchers observed apigenin’s connection to the hnRNPA2 protein restored the function of mRNA to breast cancer cells, suggesting when they are normal cells die in a programmed way, or become more sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs.

Added Prof Doseff: ‘So by applying this nutrient, we can activate that killing machinery.’
The beneficial effects of nutraceuticals are not limited to cancer, as the investigators previously showed that apigenin has anti-inflammatory activities. The scientists noted that with its multiple cellular targets, apigenin potentially offers a variety of additional benefits that may even occur over time. The researchers are now testing whether food modified to contain proper doses of the nutrient can prevent cancer in mice.


Source: Dailymail

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Jadikan diri lambat tua

Sumber: Harian Metro
Oleh Norhayati Nordin

MENYEDARI penjagaan kesihatan sangat penting kepada masyarakat terutama apabila usia makin meningkat, Astro Prima (saluran 105) menyiarkan program Aku Ingin Sihat (AIS), bermula 26 Mei lalu, jam 6 petang.

Disiarkan selama 30 minit, AIS dihoskan pengacara Dangsuria Zainurdin yang dianggap berjaya menghayati konsep program dan memiliki gaya penyampaian matang.
Ditambah lagi, penerbitan AIS mendapat penajaan penuh Heawell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd.

Pelbagai mesej berkaitan agen antipenuaan yang diformulasikan secara saintifik diketengahkan.

Produk terunggul di pasaran yang berjaya membantu mengurangkan penderitaan pesakit kronik.

Dua kisah pesakit mengisi segmen AIS pada setiap minggu. Ia memaparkan penderitaan pesakit menjalani kehidupan seharian serta perjuangan mereka mencari penawar dan kaedah rawatan kepada penyakit dihidapi.

Bahkan, penderitaan pesakit berakhir selepas menggunakan produk keluaran House Of Healin dan penyakit dihidapi sembuh sepenuhnya.

Ternyata ekstrak gamat yang ditulenkan secara saintifik dan dikenali sebagai Gamodulin adalah agen antipenuaan yang membantu mempercepatkan proses penyembuhan.

Gamodulin yang terkandung di dalam produk Healin mempunyai kuasa rejuvenasi dan berupaya merangsang sel-sel badan dan kulit.

Justeru, mengikut kajian dijalankan Profesor Datuk Dr Hassan Yaacob dengan usaha sama saintis dari Universiti Nihon dan Toyama Jepun berjaya menulenkan bahan aktif daripada gamat yang mempunyai nilai protein tinggi dikenali sebagai Gamodulin yang menjadi bahan perangsang rejuvenasi sel, satu mekanisma asas dalam proses penyembuhan, luka, merangsang sistem imunisasi dan pemudaan sel dalam badan.

Pun begitu, kebiasaannya penyakit yang dihidapi kebanyakan orang ialah penyakit yang berkaitan penuaan badan seperti penyakit nyanyuk, kanser, penyakit jantung, diabetes (type ll), osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson dan banyak lagi.

Selaku Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Healwell Pharmaceuticals, Dr Hassan memaklumkan penuaan boleh dilambat atau diundurkan seperti diperjelaskan beliau dalam segmen Bersama Profesor.

Beliau juga akan berkongsi ilmu dengan penonton bagaimana untuk awet muda, sekali gus mengelakkan penyakit disebabkan penuaan badan.

Turut dimuatkan dalam program ini Segmen Personaliti.

Malah, personaliti yang dipilih kebanyakannya mereka yang berjaya dalam bidang masing-masing dan mempunyai gaya hidup sihat yang boleh menjadi contoh kepada orang lain.

Selain itu, dalam setiap episod akan diperkenalkan satu demi satu produk keluaran House of Healin.

Oleh itu, penonton akan lebih terdedah dengan khasiat dan kebaikan setiap produk apabila mengikuti Segmen Kenali Produk.

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Health and Wealth from the Sea

Dr Hassan standing behind one of his popular products, Gamogen which contains Gamodulin that plays a vital role in rejuvenating body cells and promotes healing and vitality. It replaces and gets rids of old and toxic cells in the body

A doctor applies lesson learned from nature

The cucumber or sea slug is an unattructive looking creator. It is soft and slimy and looks like a big worm. Notwithstanding its unimposing appearance, the sea cucumber, or gamat in Malay has been sought and used by the Malays since time immemorial to treat a variety of ailment. It is also used by pregnant women. Traditionally, the see cucumbers are boded into a soup and consumed although it smells and tastes horrible. However not all varieties of sea cucumbers have healing properties.

Today, thanks to modern biotechnology and to one man, the same medicinal value of the sea cucumber is made available in capsules, cream, gel and as drink, minus the horrible smell and taste.

Gamat Research
A man of science, Dato’ Dr Hassan Yacob who holds a PhD in clinical pharmacology from the Royal College of Surgeons in London initially dismissed the use of gamat for healing purposes as only folklore until he saw his grandmother recovering from a bad wound as a result of using gamat.

Dr Hassan’s preliminary tests showed that the gamat is a mild analgesic, meaning that is works as a pain killer and can suppress pain especially where there has been inflammation and injury. He also knew that the gamat is able to reproduce itself very quickly. He had cultured 200 pieces in a container and within three months, it had reproduced to 1,400 pieces. But what exactly were the mechanisms that enabled the gamat to heal wounds? What were the ingredients? He decided to carry out research on gamat, a work that would take him seven years before he finally and successfully concluded his research.

His breakthrough came when he was in Japan on a Hitachi fellowship research award. Research is team work as it involves multi-disciplinary knowledge and efforts, said Dr Hassan. With help from the Japanese, he managed to isolate a group of four amino acids that was responsible for giving rise to the analgesic effects of the gamat. He called the group of four amino acids Gamodulin. But he still did not know why they were able to heal wounds. At that time, he was supervising two Japanese PhD students and one of them was doing research on the cell culture of the umbilical cord. The student had made so many petri dishes of cell culture so one day, without thinking much about it, Dr Hassan added the Gamodulin extract to three petri dishes that the student had left over.

The next morning, the student called him excitedly as the cells in all three dishes had become densely populated. This showed that the amino acids may be stimulating growth. The Kyoto University tested his claims and found that Gamodulin can indeed rejuvenate cells including cells of the immune system, in less that 24 hours. Gamodulin has since being patented in Japan. And the rest as they say, is history.

Gamat Emas, the source of the healing compound Gamodulin used in Gamogen and other House of Healin products

Gamat Emas, the source of the healing compound Gamodulin used in Gamogen and other House of Healin products

Healing Compound
The Gamodulin extract. originally found in the sea cucumber is now a key ingredient in Dr Hassan’s health supplement products and ointments.

Dr Hassan has successfully treated the wounds of diabetics and lepers, serious dermatitis and in one case, a benign tumour. He has countless testimonials of the efficacy of Gamodulin and is willing to be challenged on his claims. TV3 took up his challenge 1995 and brought to him four people who had gangrene and all four were subsequently healed of their wounds.

Because Gamodulin is not a chemical but is food, one can take as much as one like without side effects, said Dr Hassan.

It has anti-ageing activity, enhances the metabolic activity of the body and energises the consumer, he added.

One of his popular products is Gamogen formula which contains Gamodulin. According to Dr Hassan, Gamogen has been clinically proven to increase the body’s immune system, increase blood circulation, promotes vitality, natural skin appearances and the general well being. It also helps maximise the body’s ability to rejuvenate (replacing and getting rid of old and toxic in cells in the body and the reproductive system).

Beauty products
Under the AG2000 brandname, Dr Hassan has also developed a range of beauty and cosmetics products.

According to the doctor, it is the only layman-skin care system that employs micro-peeling technology for a more radiant skin complexion. Formulated with natural ingredients, the skin care beauty series employs four basic concepts: to cleanse, treat, nourish and to protect. Trials by cosmetic doctors in Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan have proven the system to be effective, added Dr. Hassan.

Advice to consumers
Dr. Hassan who is also CEO of Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, advises consumers to inquire about the manufacturer of the products. Are the experts behind the products? Should purchasers have complaints about the product, does the company stand behind it? Does the company provide a contact person to refer in cases of complaints?

Source: Malaysia SME, July-August 2008 Edition

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Q and A with Dato’ Dr. Hassan Compilation

This is the compilation of questions and answers during our Session with the founder of House of Healin Dato’ Dr Hassan Yaacob on 29th of April 2012.

Q: Patient age 62 year old suffering from pains to her joints. Taking diabetic tablets to treat diabetes and steroids to ease painful joints.

A: Patient was recommended to take Rejusol with Vitamin C. Gamarub massage cream can be use on aching joints to reduce pain.

Q: What is the suitable product for women after Caesarean section

A: Best product would be Zaniplus, take it 3 times a day until the  incisions wounds becomes dry.

Q: Patients suffering from vitiligo around the mouth area

A: Patients was advised to use Miralin Cream and Rejusol as health supplement.

Q: An 11 year old kid has dermal lesion on part of his body and itchy scalp

A: Use Derma-X on dermal lesion and takes Imunol as health suppliment

Q: I have dry skin problem and have use Derma-X, but now my skin is itchy.

A: Itchy skin resulted from accumulation of dead skin cells whilst using Derma-X, to reduce itchiness, patient who are using Derma-X can apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on their skin.

Q: Patient having joint pain at various places like wrist, knee and legs. Classic symptoms of osteoarthiritis.

A: Take Gamogen Supreme 3 tablespoon in the morning and 2 tablespoon at night. Use Gamarub Massage Cream to reduce aching at joints.

Q: Rashes and skin lession around the  toes, itchy sensation around the toes.

A: The rashes and skin lession appears to be because of fungal infection. Healin products don’t have the properties to treat bacterial infection. Therefore patient was recommended to use Daktacort Cream which can be purchase at local pharmacy.

Q: I had local numbness around my foot for the last 2 years.

A: Patient was recommended to take Rejusol and go for electrotherapy to stimulate nerves ending at his feet.

Q: I’ve been having stomach ulcers for years, what is the best product for me?

A: The best product for someone who suffers from stomach ulcers is Zaniplus. Try taking it 3 tablespoon in the morning and night for 2 month before reducing your dose to 2 tablespoon morning and night until you feel well again.

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Cari Penawar HIV dengan Gamat

Sumber : Mstar Online31 July 2006

ALOR STAR: Tidak lama lagi, mungkin tercatat dalam lembaran sejarah seorang rakyat Malaysia berjaya menghasilkan ataupun menjadi pencetus kepada penemuan penawar HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) dan AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) yang formulanya belum ditemui mana-mana saintis di seluruh dunia.

Lebih membanggakan kajian yang dijalankan oleh profesor farmaseutik tempatan itu telah menunjukkan tanda-tanda positif bahawa penawar Sindrom Kurang Daya Tahan Melawan Penyakit ataupun AIDS boleh diformulasikan melalui sejenis hidupan laut yang banyak terdapat di negara ini iaitu gamat.

Gamat atau nama saintifiknya “Stichopus horrens” merupakan sejenis spesis laut yang amat terkenal di kalangan masyarakat Pulau Langkawi dekat sini sebagai bahan penyembuh penyakit dan luka dan tiada siapa sangka pada spesis itu juga terdapat penawar untuk AIDS dan HIV

Bagi Prof Dr Hassan Yaacob, 49, yang telah menjalankan kajian dan penyelidikan intensif tentang gamat sejak dari 1990 lagi, merasa yakin dan optimis dengan kemampuan menghasilkan penawar HIV daripada spesis laut itu jika kajian yang berterusan dilakukan secara lebih giat dan mendalam.

“Kini tanda-tanda awal penawar HIV boleh didapati daripada ekstrak gamat telah membuahkan hasil setelah setahun menjalankan penyelidikan terhadap sepasang suami isteri dari Melaka yang menghidap HIV positif (HIV+),” katanya kepada para pemberita di sini semalam.

Hassan berkata, kini percambahan virus HIV di dalam tubuh pasangan terbabit semakin menurun dan tahap imunisasinya semakin pulih walaupun tidak seratus peratus bebas daripada HIV.

Beliau yang juga bekas ketua penyelidik Fakulti Perubatan Universiti Malaya berkata formula bagi menghasilkan penawar itu sudah tersedia cuma kaedah bagi meningkatkan tahap kualitinya sebagai penawar yang mampu memusnahkan terus virus HIV dari tubuh badan perlu penyelidikan yang lebih mendalam.

“Justeru itu saya sedia bekerjasama dan berkongsi secara percuma terhadap penyelidikan yang telah saya jalankan sebelum ini dengan mana-mana pihak bagi meneruskan kajian lanjutan terhadap penemuan penawar HIV di dalam gamat agar ianya menjadi realiti untuk dimanfaatkan ke seluruh dunia,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, kajiannya sebelum ini telah membuktikan bahawa ekstrak yang ditulenkan dari gamat mengandungi sebatian aktif yang bukan sahaja mampu merawat luka tetapi kesan penyembuhannya lebih daripada itu.

“Seseorang yang HIV+ dikatakan mempunyai AIDS apabila imunisasinya telah dirosakkan oleh virus HIV dan tercetusnya jangkitan HIV yang teruk dengan sebatian aktif dari gamat itu ianya mampu merangsangkan sistem imunisasi dan memperbaikinya,” jelasnya.

Katanya, kajian selanjutnya di Jepun telah mengesahkan tentang keberkesanan gamat yang mengandungi sebatian aktif kompleks gamapeptida (Gamalin) yang boleh merangsang pembiakan sel kulit dan meningkatkan metabolisme sel yang boleh menghilangkan kesakitan dan gatal-gatal, merangsang sistem imunisasi dan sel-sel kulit, otot dan saraf serta meningkatkan peredaran darah dan keserian kulit.

Hasilnya, pada 1994 penemuan dan penyelidikan Hassan itu telah memenangi tempat pertama Pertandingan Rekacipta dan Rekabentuk Malaysia (Inovasi Kimia) MINDEX 1994 anjuran ketika itu Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Alam Sekitar.

Bermula dari situ, lahirlah sebuah syarikat tempatan Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd beroperasi di Shah Alam, Selangor yang mengeluarkan minuman dan makanan kesihatan tambahan berasaskan bahan aktif yang ditulenkan daripada gamat seperti Jus, Jeli, Emulsi & Gamatogen berjenama Healin Master dan Awal Gamat.

Sehingga kini, syarikat itu terus aktif menjalankan penyelidikan tentang sebatian tersebut dengan kerjasama Imex Pharmaceutical Kyoto, Jepun agar ia dapat dipatenkan tidak lama lagi bagi menghasilkan produk penjagaan kulit dan komestik bertaraf farmaseutik.

Hassan adalah pemegang Ijazah Doktor Falsafah (PhD) dalam bidang Farmakologi Klinikal daripada Royal College of Surgeons, England dan kini menjawat sebagai Pengerusi Eksekutif Healwell Pharmaceuticals yang bertanggungjawab terhadap penyelidikan, pengeluaran dan pemasaran produk kesihatan Healin.

Beliau juga adalah orang yang bertanggungjawab merumuskan “Pati Ayam Bistari” untuk diedarkan oleh Cerebos Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Sumber – BERNAMA 

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Sea Cucumber


Gamat emas atau lebih dikenali sebagai timun laut adalah bahan utama dalam pengeluaran ubat-ubatan tradisional sejak hampir 500 tahun dahulu. Gamat mempunyai nilai terapeutik (keupayaan meyembuh dan merawat) yang menakjubkan. Berdasarkan kajian saintifik dan maklum balas pesakit. Ia ternyata dapat meyembuhkan luka dalaman (seperti gastrik) dan luaran (luka selepas pembedahan /bersalin) dengan kadar yang cepat, meyempurnakan pembetukan dan ketegangan sel-sel kulit, megurangkan rasa sakit, mengawal simptom asma dan resdung, melancarakan pengaliran darah dan meningkatkan metabolism sel-sel badan yang secara tidak langsung meningkatkan bekalan tenaga dan mengurangkan paras kolestrol dan glukosa.Gamat Sebagai Agen Penyembuhan Semulajadi
Terdapat lebih kurang 1000 spesies mentimun laut di dunia. Terdapat 25 spesies di perairan Malaysia. Mentimun laut yang mempunyai nilai perubatan dikenali sebagai gamat atau timul laut emas (stichopus horrens). Gamat hidup dicelas-celah batu karang 4-40 kaki di dasar laut. Gamat merupakan bahan utama dalam rumusan ubat tradisional untuk menyembuhkan luka. Ia telah digunakan sejak 500 tahun dahulu dan sehingga kin masih digunakan oleh masyarakat kampung di Malaysia. Penggunaan secara meluas diamalkan untuk ibu-ibu selepas bersalin. Air gamat akan mempercepatkan proses penyembuhan luka dalaman, mengurangkan bengkak-bengkak dan bisa-bisa badan. Adalah dipercayai wanita sejak zaman Mahsuri di Pulau Langkawi telah menggunakan air gamat sebagai bahan kecantikan kulit.

Ia terkenal di kalangan pesakit yang baru saja menjalani pembedahan atau wanita yang baru melahirkan anak. Ia boleh diminum atau disapukan dalam kuantiti yang sedikit (10ml). Ia dapat menyembuhkan dalaman luka dengan cepat selain menjadikan kulit lebih lembut, tegang dan halus. Kajian saintifik menunjukkan gamat mempunyai kandungan protein, kondrotin dan serat elastin yang tinggi. Namun ramai yang masih lagi kurang peka terhadap kebersihan dalam penyediaan ekstraknya kerana kandungan garamnya yang tinggi, kewujudan beberapa bahan sampingan yang lain dan baunya yang hanyir, serta dos yang tidak menentu dan tidak sesuai untuk pemulihan tahap optimum. Penyediaan produk berasaskan gamat memerlukan cara pemprosesan dan penulenan yang betul, dan ketepatan dosnya juga penting untuk menghasilkan nilai terapeutik yang nyata

Kegunaan Gamat oleh Masyarakat Malaysia
Sabah dan Sarawak (dikenali sebagai ‘Bat’ atau ‘Balat’)
Digunakan sebagai sumber protein, ianya digunakan untuk mengubati sakit gila babi/ sawan, luka, kurap dan panau

Masyarakat Cina (dikenali sebagai ‘Trepong’ /Hai Shen’ atau’Ginseng Emas Laut’)
Dimakan sebagai sumber protein dan rawatan untuk luka dalaman, tekanan darah tinggi, lemah otot, menambah kecergasan dan fungsi seksual.

Masyarakat Melayu
Digunakan untuk rawatan luka, sakit paru-paru, jangkitan kulit, sakit sendi, gastrik, ulser dan sakit lepas bersalin.

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Biografi: Dato’ Prof Dr. Hassan Yaacob

Dato’ Prof. Dr. Hassan Yaacob adalah seorang penyelidik perubatan dari Universiti Malaya. Beliau ialah pengasas jenama Healin™ dan Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd. Beliau adalah seorang pemegang ijazah kedoktoran (PhD) dalam bidang Clinical Pharmacology, Royal of Surgeons of England, London. Beliau memulakan penyelidikan Gamat secara serius di Jabatan Farmakologi, Fakulti Perubatan Universiti Malaya pada tahun 1990. Beliau telah ditaja oleh IRPA program (Intensive Research in Priority Area, Kementerian Sains & Teknologi dan Alam Sekitar , Malaysia).


Penyelidikannya ke atas keajaiban gamat dilanjutkan di University of Kyushu dan University of Toyamma Jepun pada tahun 1995-1996 dan berterusan sehingga sekarang. Sepanjang penyelidikan dan pembangunan gamat, beliau telah dianugerahkan dengan Pingat Emas MINDEX (Malaysian Invention and Discovery) pada tahun 1994 dan Hitachi Science Fellowship Research Award 1995 di Jepun. Setelah lebih dari 10 tahun melakukan penyelidikan dan pembangunan gamat, beliau telah berjaya mengeluarkan produk berasaskan gamat secara komersial di bawah nama HEALIN™

Pada 20 Julai 2007, Prof Dr. Hassan Yaakob telah dianugerahkan gelaran daripada Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan yang membawa gelaran Dato’. Beliau juga dipilih sebagai tokoh Maulidur Rasul pada tahun 2008. Pada tahun 2011, beliau diiktiraf sebagai penerima anugerah Industri Halal Malaysia dan syarikat House of Healin terpilih sebagai ‘Emerging Franchisor’ daripada PNB


Nama: Dato’ Dr. Prof Hassan Yaacob

Asal: Kampung Sireh, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Jawatan: Pengerusi Eksekutif Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn. Bhd.

Anugerah: Tokoh Maulidur Rasul 2007, Anugerah Sains Hitachi 1995, Anugerah International Union of Pharmacology Award (Montreal) dan Anugerah Pingat Reka Cipta (1994)