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Q and A with Dato’ Dr. Hassan Compilation

This is the compilation of questions and answers during our Session with the founder of House of Healin Dato’ Dr Hassan Yaacob on 29th of April 2012.

Q: Patient age 62 year old suffering from pains to her joints. Taking diabetic tablets to treat diabetes and steroids to ease painful joints.

A: Patient was recommended to take Rejusol with Vitamin C. Gamarub massage cream can be use on aching joints to reduce pain.

Q: What is the suitable product for women after Caesarean section

A: Best product would be Zaniplus, take it 3 times a day until the  incisions wounds becomes dry.

Q: Patients suffering from vitiligo around the mouth area

A: Patients was advised to use Miralin Cream and Rejusol as health supplement.

Q: An 11 year old kid has dermal lesion on part of his body and itchy scalp

A: Use Derma-X on dermal lesion and takes Imunol as health suppliment

Q: I have dry skin problem and have use Derma-X, but now my skin is itchy.

A: Itchy skin resulted from accumulation of dead skin cells whilst using Derma-X, to reduce itchiness, patient who are using Derma-X can apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on their skin.

Q: Patient having joint pain at various places like wrist, knee and legs. Classic symptoms of osteoarthiritis.

A: Take Gamogen Supreme 3 tablespoon in the morning and 2 tablespoon at night. Use Gamarub Massage Cream to reduce aching at joints.

Q: Rashes and skin lession around the  toes, itchy sensation around the toes.

A: The rashes and skin lession appears to be because of fungal infection. Healin products don’t have the properties to treat bacterial infection. Therefore patient was recommended to use Daktacort Cream which can be purchase at local pharmacy.

Q: I had local numbness around my foot for the last 2 years.

A: Patient was recommended to take Rejusol and go for electrotherapy to stimulate nerves ending at his feet.

Q: I’ve been having stomach ulcers for years, what is the best product for me?

A: The best product for someone who suffers from stomach ulcers is Zaniplus. Try taking it 3 tablespoon in the morning and night for 2 month before reducing your dose to 2 tablespoon morning and night until you feel well again.

2 thoughts on “Q and A with Dato’ Dr. Hassan Compilation

  1. I am now consuming Gamogen International for more than a month already, 2 tablespoons morning and evening. I also consume Biolife Calcium/Magnesium pill and condropil for my kneee. I would like to know whether Gamogen International contains enough calcium so that I can stop the calcium/magnesium pill also the condropil. And the dosage of Gamogen, should I maintain at the current take or reduce to 1 tablespoon morning and night.
    My wife is a kidney patient, is on haemodialysis treatment 3 times per week. Can she consume Gamogen ?

    Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hello,

      Calcium and Magnesium in Gamogen came from the sea cucumber extract, while it is enough for a normal person daily intake, it is not enough for a person suffering from knee joint problems, we would advise you to continue to take your condropil. Continue with your current intake unless you suffer from ill effects like headache or high blood pressure from the intake.

      As for your wife, we would not recommend Gamogen as she will have problems processing all the different vitamins and minerals in Gamogen. The best product for her is Zaniplus.

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