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Camomile tea ‘fights cancer’: Chemical contained in drink takes away ‘superpowers’ in disease’s cells

A cup of camomile tea could help ward off cancer, researchers say.

The tea contains a chemical, apigenin, which takes away some of the ‘superpowers’ of cancer cells.

Scientists at Ohio State University found apigenin can block the ability of breast cancer cells to live far longer than normal cells, halting their spread and making them more sensitive to drug therapy.

Camomile tea, parsley and celery are the most abundant sources of apigenin but it is also found in many fruit and vegetables common in a Mediterranean diet.

The chemical, which has also been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, works in a way that suggests other nutrients could have similar effects in warding off cancer.

It helps proteins correct the abnormalities in RNA – molecules carrying genetic information – that are responsible for about 80 per cent of cancers.

Molecular geneticist Professor Andrea Doseff, of Ohio State University, said: ‘We know we need to eat healthfully, but in most cases we do not know the actual mechanistic reasons for why we need to do that.’We see here the beneficial effect on health is attributed to this dietary nutrient affecting many proteins.

‘In its relationship with a set of specific proteins, apigenin re-establishes the normal profile in cancer cells. We think this can have great value clinically as a potential cancer-prevention strategy.’
Cancer cells thrive by inhibiting a process that would cause them to die on a regular cycle subject to strict programming. The researchers found apigenin could stop breast cancer cells from inhibiting their own death.

Much of what is known about the health benefits of nutrients is based on epidemiological studies that show strong positive relationships between eating specific foods and better health outcomes, especially reduced heart disease.
But how the actual molecules within these healthy foods work in the body is still a mystery in many cases, and especially with those linked to lower risk for cancer.

The researchers also showed apigenin binds with an estimated 160 proteins in the human body, suggesting other nutrients linked to health benefits called ‘nutraceuticals’ might have similar far reaching effects. In contrast, most pharmaceutical drugs target a single molecule.

The researchers, whose findings are published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, likened their technique to ‘fishing’ for the human proteins in cells that interact with small molecules available in the diet.
Prof Doseff said: ‘You can imagine all the potentially affected proteins as tiny fishes in a big bowl.
‘We introduce this molecule to the bowl and effectively lure only the truly affected proteins based on structural characteristics that form an attraction.

‘We know this is a real partnership because we can see that the proteins and apigenin bind to each other.’
Experiments established apigenin had relationships with proteins that have three specific functions. Among the most important was one known as hnRNPA2 which influences tiny bits of DNA called mRNA containing the instructions needed to produce a specific protein.
Abnormalities in these are responsible for about 80 percent of all cancers.
The researchers observed apigenin’s connection to the hnRNPA2 protein restored the function of mRNA to breast cancer cells, suggesting when they are normal cells die in a programmed way, or become more sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs.

Added Prof Doseff: ‘So by applying this nutrient, we can activate that killing machinery.’
The beneficial effects of nutraceuticals are not limited to cancer, as the investigators previously showed that apigenin has anti-inflammatory activities. The scientists noted that with its multiple cellular targets, apigenin potentially offers a variety of additional benefits that may even occur over time. The researchers are now testing whether food modified to contain proper doses of the nutrient can prevent cancer in mice.


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New Product! Nutri S

Terbaru dari House of Healin! Produk pemakanan untuk penjagaan berat badan.

Nutri S, produk makanan gantian semulajadi yang dirumuskan dengan kandungan protein dari buah-buahan dan tumbuhan yang. Dirumuskan untuk mengantikan satu atau dua makanan harian. anda. Pengganti makanan berkalori rendah ini kaya dengan protein dan rendah karbohidrat ditambah dengan bahan pembakar lemak menjadikan ia suppliment terbaik untuk membantu mengawal berat badan anda dan mengawal rasa lapar anda.

Faedah Utama Nutri S

– Membantu dalam pembakaran lemak dan merencatkan penghasilan lemak oleh tubuh
– Membantu menurunkan paras gula dan kolestrol dalam darah
– Kaya dengan serat larut dan pemakanan untuk membantu dalam pembersihan kolon dan melegakan sembelit.
– Membantu mengurakan selera makan dan menggalakan rasa kenyang.

Sesiapa yang seseuai untuk mengambil Nutri S
Ia sesuai diambil oleh semua orang, individu obes yang ingin mengawal berat badan atau untuk mereka yang perlu mengurangkan berat badan. * Tidak sesuai untuk kanak-kanak, wanita yang sedang menyusu, individu yang alah dengan protein soya dan tenusu.

Cara penggunaan
-Campurkan atau goncang satu sachet dengan segelas air sejuk. Ambikl 2-3 kali sehari sebelum makan. Amalkan meminum banyak air untuk hasil yang optimum.

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November 2012 Promotion

Promosi bulan November 2012

1. Percuma vaucher RM20 dengan setiap pembelian Vita Skin Complex 12 ml

2. Percuma vaucher RM10 dengan setiap pembelian Moisturizing Firming Serum 30 ml

3. Percuma vaucher RM20 dengan setiap pembelian Hydrating Lifting Mask (20 sachets)

4. Percuma vaucher RM10 dengan setiap pembelian Gamogen Classic 500ml

5. Percuma vaucher RM10 dengan setiap pembelian Rejusol 350 ml

6. Percuma vaucher RM5 dengan setiap pembelian Zaniton 350 ml


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Keajaiban Healin (Ep 01)

This television documentary was originally shown on local television about 2 years ago. It followed Dr Hassan quest to prove to the public the benefit of ‘gamat’. He tracked the progress of patients who had consumed his products to see how it helps improve their health conditions

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Perluas eksport

Sumber: Harian Metro
Oleh Shanty Nur Shaffizan Shafee

HEALWELL Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, pengeluar produk penjagaan kesihatan dan kosmetik berasaskan gamat House of Healin menyasarkan pendapatan mencecah RM50 juta hingga RM100 juta tahun depan dengan penembusan pasaran produknya ke Dubai selain pasaran eksport sedia ada di Indonesia, Brunei, Jepun, Thailand dan United Kingdom.
Pengerusi Eksekutifnya, Prof Datuk Dr Hassan Yaacob berkata, perluasan pasaran dilakukan melalui sistem francais yang disifatkan kaedah terbaik berbanding dengan program pemasaran konvensional.
“Sistem francais mempunyai struktur perniagaan lengkap dan ada akta khusus untuk melindungi daripada disalahgunakan. Buat masa ini kita mempunyai 80 francaisi tempatan serta 200 cawangan House of Healin yang akan difrancaiskan kepada usahawan berminat.

“Model perniagaan yang sama akan dilakukan di Dubai tahun depan. Syarikat juga sedang membina bangunan House of Healin di sana,” katanya di Shah Alam, Selangor.
Hassan berkata, produk House of Healin diasaskan 15 tahun lalu menerusi penyelidikan gamat menggunakan geran sebanyak RM2 juta diperoleh daripada Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Alam Sekitar melalui program Penyelidikan Intensif dalam Bidang Keutamaan (IRPA).
Kini, House of Healin mengeluarkan lebih 30 produk antaranya Gamogen, Zaniton, Zaniplus, AG 2000 dan yang terbaru Derma X yang berfungsi merawat penyakit kulit termasuk kulit kering, alahan, dermatisis dan psoriasis.

“Gamat mengandungi sebatian aktif asid amino yang dikenali sebagai Polipeptida yang bersifat rejunevasi dan mampu menembusi sel kulit serta berkesan mempertingkatkan penyembuhan pada kulit,” katanya.
Menurut Hassan, syarikatnya mengalu-alukan lebih ramai usahawan menyertai francais House of Healin dengan modal awal sebanyak RM30,000.

“Sistem francais melahirkan lebih ramai usahawan yang berdaya saing dan berinovasi. Selain itu syarikat melabur ratusan ribu setahun untuk kajian dan penyelidikan bagi memastikan kualiti produk terjamin,” katanya.