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Aku Ingin Sihat

House of Healin has been busy, we have a new show on TV. Catch ‘Aku Ingin Sihat’ at Astro Prima every Saturday 6 pm beginning 26th May 2012 and repeat of the show every Friday 6 pm on the same channel.
This part research part documentary show followed some of our customers who had used House of Healin products and benefited from it and we hope their experience will give you an insight on our products and what makes it so special.

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May Promotion

[en]May promotion is here, grab your chance at this money saving promotion:

Buy 1 bottle of Gamogen Premium and get 5 sachets of Gamogen Premium  worth RM21.90 for FREE

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Buy 1 bottle of Imunol and get 1 Mirakel Soap worth RM11.90 for FREE


Buy  Gamogen Premium sachets (5 sachets) and get 1 sachets  of  Gamogen Premium worth RM4.40 for FREE

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Buy Gamogen Premium sachets (10 sachets )and get 1 Liniment Oil (5 ml)worth RM6 .90 for FREE

Visit our Online Store to purchase House of Healin products[/en] [ms]

Promosi House of Healin kembali lagi untuk bulan May:

Beli 1 botol Gamogen Premium dan dapat 5 sachet Gamogen Premium  bernilai RM21.90 secara PERCUMA

Beli 1 botol Gamogen Klasik dan dapat 5 sachet Gamogen Premium  bernilai RM21.90 secara PERCUMA

Beli 1 botol Imunol dan dapatkan 1 buku sabun Mirakel bernilai RM 11.90 secara PERCUMA

Beli  Gamogen Premium sachet (5 sachet) dan dapat 1 sachet Gamogen Premium  bernilai RM4.40 secara PERCUMA

Beli 1 botol Rejusol dan dapat 1 botol minyak liniment (5 ml)  sachet bernilai RM6.90 secara PERCUMA

Beli  Gamogen Premium sachet (10 sachets)  dan dapatkan 1 botol minyak liniment (5 ml)  sachet bernilai RM6.90 secara PERCUMA

Lawati  kedai Online kami untuk membeli produk-produk House of Healin[/ms]

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Using Derma-X Premium with Vaselin

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
[en]There were complaints from customers who had used Derma-X Premium saying that their skin became scaly and ichy after using the product
This is the explanation for the cause and way to reduce the effects:

Derma-X Premium helps to treat skin problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

In the first 2-3 weeks of using Derma-X Premium, skin will start peeling, becoming scaly and patient will suffer some itchiness. This is a NORMAL reaction to the product.

Therefore patient is advise to use Vaselin Petroleum Jelly (picture left) 1 or 2 hours after applying Derma-X to reduce this effects. It helps to remove dead skin cells thus reducing itchiness on the skin [/en] [ms]Terdapat pelanggan yang memaklumkan yang mereka mengalami masalah kulit menjadi bersisk dan gatal apabila menggunakan Derma-X Premium.

Berikut adalah penjelasan mengenai masalah tersebut:-

Derma X Premium membantu memulihkan masalah kulit seperti psoriasis, dermatitis dan eczema.

Semasa tempoh 2-3 minggu pertama penggunaan, kulit akan mengelupas/bersisik serta menjadi gatal. Ini adalah tindakbalas yang BIASA.

Pengguna adalah dinasihatkan untuk menggunakan Vaseline (lihat gambar) 1-2 jam selepas menggunakan Derma X Premium semasa tempoh 2-3 minggu pertama. Ini dapat membantu membuang sel kulit kering dan mati serta meredakan kegatalan pada kulit.[/ms]

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A Session with Dato’ Dr. Hassan Yaacob

Don’t miss our special event this month. A session with the founder of House of Healin himself Dato’ Dr. Hassan Yaacob. Have question regarding our products and your health? Book an appointment to meet him yourself. Call or email us for further information and booking.

Place: House of Healin Gelugor

Date: 29 April 2012

Time: 10 am – 4.30 pm

Call 04-6582086 or 016-4762696 for appointment or email

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Fake Booster

It is not Impossible for only one consumer to make a big change.

Source: The Malay Mail
by: Danny Tan Wee Mun
Friday, April 8th, 2011 10:39:00

Company considering nationwide swoop on imitation health products.

When SARIAH SHARIFF bought her monthly supplement in Negeri Sembilan last month, she noticed the product was very different from what she usually gets in Kuala Lumpur.

“On March 31, I purchased a bottle of Healin Gamogen at a store, Toko Pelangi Enterprise, in Bahau. Firstly, I found it odd I had to pay RM12O a bottle Its only RM118 when I
buy them at the Healin kiosk in Carrefour Wangsa Maju every month” she
tells Hotline.

The 54-year-old says when she inquired, the salesman said House of Healin, the company producing the Gamogen product, had issued a notice on a price increase. When SARIAH opened the Gamogen bottle at home, she compared the new bottle with an old one and saw disparities In the halal logo, Healin logo and the bottle as well.

The colour of the logo on the new bottle is lighter. The taste is also not the same like what I’m used to.The next day, SARIAH returned the product to the shop and told them she suspected it to be a fake.

The staff instantly opened up another bottle and saw the content was the same as I had purchased earlier, so he gave me a refund. 1 don’t blame the dealer as he claims the distributor had identified themselves as Healin staff when sending the products. I believe the dealer may have been cheated.

SARIAH hopes House of Healin will take swift action to avoid more consumers being cheated by such pirated products which do not provide the nutrition if should when consumed. Serious action must be taken against those who try to make a quick buck and tarnish the reputation of others

HEALWELL Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd’s Rozanna Rosli, says: “We thank SARIAH for her feedback. After investigating the matter, we confirm that the place where she bought the products is not an authorised House of Healin outlet.

“We have reported the matter to the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry office in Kuala Pilah.

“Since then, we have been informed that ministry officers have visited the said premises on April 5, seized all fake items in the shop and questioned the management.”

ROZANNA says from the questioning, authorities discovered the shop receives its products from a pharmacy in the State, and so they raided that premises as well.

“We have been informed by the ministry that if we want to pursue a nationwide check, we must get in touch with the ministry headquarters in Putrajaya.

“The management is discussing this matter and is considering serious action.”
She advised all customers, including SARIAH, who has been duly informed, to buy products only from authorized outlets to be guaranteed its originality.

*Product available at authorized House of Healin Dealers, Guardian, Watson and Vitacare only 

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Maklumbalas komen ‘Dr Asrul’ mengenai produk gamat

Di bawah ini adalah maklum balas daripada pengasas gamat Healin sendiri Dato’ Dr. Hassan Yaacob mengenai komen-komen di internet yang menyatakan bahawa gamat membahayakan kesihatan.

Komen internet:

Saya Dr.Asrul M.D
Sepanjang pengalaman saya sebagai seorg doktor memang ramai pesakit saya yg pernah ambik SUSU APHA LIPID pada mulanya nampak berkesan (psychological effect sahaja) tetapi sebenarnya tidak kesannya hanya sekejap. Kebanyakan yang saya jumpa rata2 tidak mendatngkan kesan apa2 langsung. Tetapi terpulang kepada anda. YAng saya nak ingat kepada sesiapa yang Diabetes jangan ambil SUSU ALPHA LIPID kerana gula dalam badan anda akan melambung dan akan tidak terkawal..

GAMOGEN pula mengandungi steroid dan bhn2 lain yang merbahaya kepada kesihatan. Terdapat kajian secara saintifik pengambilan GAMOGEN untuk jangkamasa yang panjang boleh menyebabkan kerosakan BUAH PINGGANG. Sekejap xper tapi jgn amalkan..

Mulanya saya rasa kurang percaya sebab saya tahu siapa pengasas Healwell.Apapun setelah melakukan sedikit risikan dan mendapatkan pengesahan bertulis,saya terpaksa akur tentang perkara ini.

MADRAC ini adalah dibawah BPFK (KKM)

Gamat Emulsion

Suspension of Registration Due to Seriousness of Adverse Drug
Up to August 2008, MADRAC received 29 ADR reports from a few
local hospitals related to oral Gamat/sea cucumber (Stichopus
horrens) products marketed under company Healwell.
– Sixteen of these ADR reports were renal related and four patients
did not have any concomi tant medications or disease.
– Due to the serious nature of the reported ADRs received, the DCA
decided to suspend all registered oral Gamat products of said
company until further safety investigations have been compl eted.
– The DCA also decided that market recall of the suspended
products should be done.

Dato Prof. Dr. Hassan Yaacob menubuhkan Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, seorang penyelidik dari Universiti Malaya yang bertukar menjadi seorang usahawan. Beliau adalah pemegang PhD di dalam Clinical Pharmacology dari Royal College of Surgeons of England, London dan seorang Pakar Gamat yang terkenal di Malaysia. Beliau adalah Pengerusi Eksekutif / Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif kepada Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd.

Senarai barangan dari Healwell yang berdaftar dengan KKM. Sumber (

1. MAL20032207TC  GAMALIN PLUS  
2. MAL20032206TC  JELI GAMAT   
10. MAL06080009K  MASSAGE CREAM  
12. MAL20041083TCE  GAMATOGEN   
13. MAL20041291T  GAMAT VITAGEL   
15. MAL06081340TC  HEALIN JEL GAMAT 25GM   
19. MAL06090866KV  AG2000 RETINOL ESSENCE   

Perhatikan no.11 dan no 12 dan persamaanya dengan produk healwell yang diharamkan.Apapun saya merasa terkilan,seorang Professor Melayu/Islam yang berpengalaman dimana banyak penyelidikanya mendapat top class honour membuat kesilapan sebegini Garu kepala benar ke dia sendiri yang memformulasasikan atau dia di sabotaj?Garu kepala lagi..


Respons Dato’ Dr Hassan Yaacob

Thank you for your email highlighting the comments made by one “Dr Asrul”. Kindly be rest assured that these claims are unfounded and are a complete slander. In regard to this matter, our response is as follows:

” Pihak syarikat ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menjelaskan bahawa produk-produk suplimen pemakanan Healin adalah selamat dan terbukti memberi kesan yang baik kepada ramai pengguna. Antara produk terkenal Healin adalah Gamogen yang terbukti merangsang pemudaan sel-sel badan kerana ia mengandungi rumusan anti-pengoksidaan bagi mengelakkan kerosakan sel-sel dalam badan daripada radikal bebas dan toksin.

Gamogen dirumus khas dengan adunan utama Gamodulin (ekstrak Gamat), Beta Karotena, Madu dan diperkuatkan dengan Klorela. Oleh yang demikian, ianya TIDAK mengandungi steroid dan TIDAK menyebabkan kerosakan buah pinggang seperti yang dinyatakan di dalam laporan internet. Sebarang laporan atau maklumat mengenai Gamogen mempunyai kesan sampingan adalah TIDAK BENAR sama sekali dan telah direka oleh pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Sukacita dimaklumkan Jenama Healin kini sedang berkembang pesat di dalam industri penjagaan kesihatan dan berada di pasaran dalam dan juga luar negeri. Ini membuktikan bahawa produk-produk Healin mendapat sambutan yang baik kerana keberkesanannya.

Jenama Healin amat terkenal dengan pengeluaran dan penghasilan produk-produk yang halal dan bermutu tinggi dan pengguna tidak perlu was-was untuk menggunakan produk Healin.

Kami menghargai maklumbalas serta sokongan tuan/puan sebagai pengguna setia produk Healin. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan atau keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi Jabatan Khidmat Pelanggan di talian Careline 03-5569 5569.”