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Gamarub Massage Cream

100 gm
[en]An ideal smooth and gently massage cream. It’s long-lasting cooling and soothing effects makes it an ideal remedy for headache, sore muscles, joint aches, swelling and body stress.

With Gamodulin® and Eucalyptus Oil suitable for relieving sore muscles, joint aches and swelling. Alleviating minor ailments affecting the skin and Leaving the skin or surface area warm for few minutes followed by a cooling effect


100 gm
RM 30.90 (West Malaysia)
RM 34.90 (Sabah and Sarawak)

25 gm
RM 15.90 (West Malaysia)
RM 19.90 (Sabah and Sarawak)

Main Ingredients:

Gamodulin® and Eucalyptus Oil

Dose / Direction of Use

Apply on infected area 2-3 times a day. This is a traditional preparation. For eternal use only. If symptom persists, consult a physician for further treatment. [/en]

[ms]Krim urutan ini memberikan rasa kelegaan berpanjangan bagi meredakan sakit otot, sengal-sengal sendi serta serta meredakan bengkak dan sakit kepala.


100 gm
RM 30.90 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM 34.90 (Sabah dan Sarawak)

25 gm
RM 15.90 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM 19.90 (Sabah dan Sarawak)

Kandungan Utama:
Gamodulin® and Eucalyptus Oil

Cara Penggunaan:
Kegunaan pada orang dewasa untuk disapukan pada bahagian badan hanya jika perlu.[/ms]